Complete Solo Piano Works of Samuel Barber



“This illuminating and sensuous pianism evident even in the most resounding fortissimos, making virile a discourse that is all too often watered down; prodigious pianism of fiery energy, of dynamic articulation, élan and fullness – that dominates and towers over the competition from now on – and constitutes the disc that most approaches Barber’s piano music and becomes as well a summation and an event.”

–Repertoire Magazine, Paris, France

 “In his hands the Sonata (Samuel Barber’s Sonata) is powerfully driven and crisply articulated, creating a palpable sense of raw energy and excitement.”

–Gramaphone, London, England

 “Pollack embraces the Sonata (Samuel Barber’s Sonata) wholeheartedly using deep resources and myriad details. The lighter material he imbues with elegance.”

–Los Angeles Times

Included in this Recording:

  • Piano Sonata, Op. 26: I. Allegro energico
  • Piano Sonata, Op. 26: II. Allegro vivace e leggiero
  • Piano Sonata, Op. 26: III. Adagio mesto
  • Piano Sonata, Op. 26: IV. Fuga: Allegro con spirito
  • Excursions, Op. 20: I. Un poco allegro
  • Excursions, Op. 20: II. In slow blues tempo
  • Excursions, Op. 20: III. Allegretto
  • Excursions, Op. 20: IV. Allegro molto
  • Nocturne (Homage to John Field), Op. 33
  • 3 Sketches: No. 1. Love Song: Tempo di valse – Allegretto
  • 3 Sketches: No. 2. To my Steinway (To No. 220601): Adagio
  • 3 Sketches: No. 3. Minuet: Tempo di minuetto
  • 2 Interludes: 2 Interludes: No. 1. Adagio, ma non troppo, “Adagio for Jeanne”
  • Ballade, Op. 46: Restless
  • Souvenirs, Op. 28 (version for piano solo): I. Waltz: Tempo do valse – Allegro con brio
  • Souvenirs, Op. 28 (version for piano solo): II. Scottische: Tempo di Schottische, Allegro ma non troppo
  • Souvenirs, Op. 28 (version for piano solo): III. Pas de deux: Adagio
  • Souvenirs, Op. 28 (version for piano solo): IV. Two-Step: Allegro molto
  • Souvenirs, Op. 28 (version for piano solo): V. Hesitation Tango: Con moto
  • Souvenirs, Op. 28 (version for piano solo): VI. Galop: Allegro molto