Daniel Pollack: St. Petersburg Plenary Opening Session Presentation

Presentation given by pianist Daniel Pollack at the 2016 St. Petersburg Plenary Opening Session, Russia, December 2, 2016: “Preservation of World Cultural Heritage: National Strategies and Global Challenges. My Russian musical colleagues have called me their “musical grandchild.” Here is how this started more than 50 years ago, really a lifetime… (Read more->)

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Piano Man, Winning Russian Hearts and Minds

It was his last night in Russia, and the American pianist Daniel Pollack had just finished a performance at the American ambassador’s residence that was thronged with Russians. He was addressing the audience, speaking of his affection for this land, of its enduring musicality, of friendships dating from Khrushchev’s time. (Read more->)


Interview with Daniel Pollack

We are honored to present an exclusive interview with Daniel Pollack, legendary pianist and Professor of Piano at the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music. Bakitone’s Sergei Kuznetsoff and Alexander Kato-Willis met with Professor Daniel Pollack to get his perspective on the competition world today.
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Interview with pianist Daniel Pollack (Part I)

EH: Your January 9, 2012 program in San Francisco features some remarkable pieces by Chopin and Liszt. This being the 200th anniversary of Liszt’s birth, what are the key differences with respect to pianistic writing and stylistic effects between the two composers? (Read more->)


Interview with pianist Daniel Pollack (Part II)

EH: Every music student has dreamed of having a music teacher who can change their lives. What exactly was it that made Rosinna Lhevinne such an incredible teacher? (Read more->)


Interview with pianist Daniel Pollack (Part III)

EH: On the topic of the ‘Golden Age ’, did you know Vladimir Horowitz or Jascha Heifetz? (Read more->)

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Daniel Pollack: From Russia With Love

“I’m the only one who’s still there,” declares Daniel Pollack. He’s commenting on his abiding popularity in Russia, the site of his prize-winning appearance in the very first Tchaikovsky Piano Competition, in 1958, when he was 23. (Read more->)

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Daniel Pollack: The Transition from Student to Artist

In 1958, USC Thornton Keyboard Studies faculty Daniel Pollack traveled to Moscow for the first International Tchaikovsky Competition. The 23-year old pianist emerged beside Van Cliburn as a prize winner, and his resulting career has taken him across five continents. In this video, Pollack discusses how students can transition to artists and develop successful careers. (Read more->)

What the Critics Are Saying...


Daniel Pollack delivers a dazzling performance, reconciling dramatic tension, poignant lyricism and perfect clarity of the architecture.

Pollack’s palette of sound is significant…to hear his pianissimos live is something one should strive to do at least once.

Pollack brings out enough fantasy in Schumann’s famous suite Carnaval, to renew the piece in the listener’s ear.

Prodigious pianism of fiery energy, of dynamic articulation and fullness that towers over the competition.

Pollack embraces the Barber sonata wholeheartedly, using deep resources and myriad details.

Refined, amorous, and infused with the spirit of Chopin, the Nocturne had the imprimatur of Horowitz at Pollack’s fingertips.

Once again Pollack showed himself to be a player of exceptional virtuosity with rare interpretive insights.

Beautiful and natural fluidity, tonal elegance and unostentatious facility.

Pollack became the great name in the Chopin Concerto.

Fascinating was the quality of his (Pollack’s) sound… gentle trills revealed magical sounds.

Pollack’s playing had bravura, profound penetrating feeling and a natural gift for dramatic contrasts and colors.

He possesses a formidable range in tone – from the very powerful to a melting pianissimo.

Once again Pollack showed himself to be a player of exceptional virtuosity with rare interpretive insights.

An interpretation of great scope and abandon.

Astonishing pianism.

His star has ascended. Pollack is having the last laugh on the piano celebrities to whom fame came almost as quickly as it left.

One of the most gifted pianists around with a definite flair for the romantics…

A performer of elegance, sensitivity and taste, with a resonant singing tone that can provoke calm and warmth as well as thunder on high.

Splendid drive and virility.

Pollack’s pliant, powerful fingers unleashed torrents of sound that turned feathery flurries of delicate detachment.

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